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We are deeply saddened to learn that TEDxMidAtlantic speaker Sam Berns passed away Friday night at age 17. Sam had progeria, a rare rapid aging disease that affects approximately one out of four to eight million children.

Above, moments from Sam’s TEDxMidAtlantic talk, in which he shares his advice for living happily, no matter the challenges. Sam’s talk displays his great courage, infectious positivity, and wisdom beyond his years. He will be missed.

Watch the whole talk here»

This is truly inspiring.


i didnt sign up for this .

i didnt sign up for you sneaking behind my back .

i didnt sign up for you lying to my face .

i didnt sign up for coming in second .

it takes me being angry and crying my eyes out wondering why you do this to me for you to open your eyes and realize that youre becoming like everyone else in this fucking town .

i hope things change because i love you and i could never leave you, but i dont want to deal with this for the rest of my life .

So fucking relevant